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Florianopolis Brazil - Surf Guide - Where to surf?

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Florianopolis is the perfect place to learn how to surf or improve your surfing. Indeed, you have more than 44 beaches and different spots with different kind of waves. There is a beach for all the taste. Barrel, waves for making airs… everything that you need to feel satisfied.

You can check your surfing level here to see what beach fits you more :

Where to find a board :

Well, it’s all depends if you stay 1 week or 3 months. If you stay 1 week, the board per day is 50Real, if you stay 3 months better to buy a board, you can find good one for 60 dollars in facebook market or OXL.

Where to check the condition :

We know that the forecast can be a bit treaky. Florianopolis is a surf island, with all the vibes and then you have account that you can follow that give you the best spot for the day.




To watch the camera :

To see picture of you :

Florianopolis Surf spot

Surf spot for beginner :

- Barra Da Lagoa ( next to the lighthouse, if you go a bit further is more for intermediate)

Barra Da Lagoa is the best spot if you want to learn how to surf. You have surf school nearby, you can also rent a board. This spot works best with south wind.

The crowd : all kind of people, you will be mixed with beginner, longboard.. I love it because the people are nice, but when it gets crowded, it’s a bit stressful.

- Matadeiro (right side of the beach)

Same thing for matadeiro, you have one side which is for beginner and another side for more advanced. Of course all depends of the condition. When it’s on, it’s a good spot for Barrel.

The crowd : Can be super crowded on week-end, better to go during the week or early in the morning. The local crowed is amazing !!!!

- Praia Brava

When it’s small, can be a good spot to learn or pratice but I don’t see school or place where you can rent your board. When it get bigger is challenging and can be messy. The advantage of this beach is that is not crowded. :D

- Praia dos Açores

Amazing beach in the south of the island. The waves there is really good. Works with north wind.

Surf Spot Intermédiaire/Advance :




Praia Mole

Praia da Galheta



Praia dos Açores

Surf spot that works with south wind :

- Barra da lagoa

- Matadeiro

- Brava

- Campeche

All the other spots work with north wind.

Localisme :

Like everywhere you should respect the local. Say hi or give a smile and everything is fine. As a women I’m fine but as a man is different. It’s commun to see some fights.

The beach with a stronger localisme is Galheta, Campeche (in secret spot) and Joaquina.

What is your favorite beach to surf in Florianopolis?


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