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Brazil Floripa - Where to live or stay in Florianópolis?

Updated: May 2, 2021

Where to live or stay in Florianopolis?

Florianopolis, an Island in the beautiful State of Santa Catarina, is often referred to as ‘Magic Island’ or simply ‘Floripa’. I have to say, it’s by far, my most favourite place in Brazil. The quality of life is amazing, the island is big and there is a bit of everything for everybody.

Brazil is definitely not top of the list for travel / re-location, due to its somewhat negative reputation – particularly high crime rates and right now the Coronavirus. It’s worthy of note, that Santa Catarina is one of the safest states in Brazil. Having travelled extensively throughout Brazil, I have to say it’s a beautiful country, with a diverse culture, great food, an interesting music and dance scene and of course fabulous beaches. Brazil is also much cheaper than many other countries, both as a tourist destination and for expats. Check out the comparisons in the links below – the USA and Portugal v Brazil:

So back to ‘Magic island’. A few statistics:

Population: 453 285, In summer period this can increase to 2 Mil.

Area: 43,300 ha = 433 km2

Beaches: 45 with more than 10 surfing areas.

Lakes: 3.

Deserts: 2 small areas.

Hiking routes: 20 plus.

Florianopolis has a number of different districts, each one like a mini-town, and all with a different vibe. Most people are going to advise you to go to Lagoa de Conceiçao because it's the ‘gringo’ district. If you want to meet people from Europe or the USA, then that’s the place to go. I personally love the district, because the vibe is young and hipster but there are also other amazing districts.

How much does it cost to rent a place in Florianopolis :

Prices start from around 600 R – Eur 90, US$ 110 per month for a Studio.

In general, if you rent for the long-term you can easily negotiate the price. For example, for a house or apartment with 1 room you can pay between 1200/1500R – Eur 180 to 225/month. Of course, it all depends on location and your expectations.

Top Tip: Start to look for accommodation before November and after March.

This article will help you to find where to stay in Floripa, based on what vibe suits you and your budget.

North of Florianopolis :

- San Antonio de Lisboa/Cacupé/Sambaqui ♥️

These districts face the sea and the mainland. They are former indigenous territories, that are now fishing villages. There are peaceful districts that get animated at the end of the week. It's really a small paradise. I had the chance to stay there for a while, and I'm so grateful. There are no high-rise buildings and there is this kind of arty vibe around. It's better to have a car if you plan to stay here as the bus service is far from regular.

If you go to Sambaqui, make sure that you buy oysters here. They have the best oysters for a really good price.

My favourite place there is Lisboa 48, live music almost every day, and the prices are cheap compared to the other restaurants.

I recommend this district for: Couples, families, nature lovers and people who are looking for tranquillity.

- Jurerê International

The Cha Ching, Bling Juror district of Florianopolis. It feels like you are in a ‘Desperate Housewives’ episode. The houses are big and fancy. Jurêre is well-known for its clubs, beach club and nightlife. If you like the Miami or Cancun vibe, then this district is for you.

I advise this district for: Families and people that love to party.

- Canasvieiras

If you are looking for good price / quality accommodation Canasvieiras is a good option. You have the beach and shopping close by. The bus service works really good there. If you don't want to have a car, it's a really good option.

I recommend this district for: Families and those on a small budget

- Ingleses

One of the cheapest districts next to the beach. The good point of this district is that the prices are really cheap. You can find an apartment for Eur 100. But it's a noisy place and the traffic isn't great. The bus service works fine, and there are two really nice beaches around - Praia Brava and Praia Santinho.

I recommend this district for: Families, couples, singles and those on a small budget.

- Rio Vermelho

I lived here for a while here. A car is a must, as the public transport is very bad. Praia do Moçambique is the longest beach in Florianopolis and it's possible to surf there. There is nothing to do in this district but surfing. The price of the accommodation is really good here.

I recommend this district for: Families and couples with a car.

Center of Florianopolis

- Center

The centre is animated during the week and dead during the weekend. You can find all kinds of budgets here. I personally don't really like the centre but for people that like the city life it will be fine.

I recommend this district for: Anyone that wants to be in a city.

- Lagoa da Conceiçao/Canto da Lagoa/Porto da Lagoa

Young / Hipster district. It's a really charming place. There are plenty of nice cafes and the nightlife is often animated. The public transport is good here. Rental property prices are higher here. You can kitesurf in the lake and the surfing spots are not far (Mole, Joaquina, Campeche)

I recommend this district for: Backpackers, solo travellers, digital nomads looking to meet other digital nomads, students and young couples.

- Barra da Lagoa ♥️

One of my favourite districts. It's such a charming place! If you want to learn surfing this is the place where you should stay. It's like a small village. In two weeks, you will know everybody. The vibe is super chill.

I recommend this district for: Backpackers, solo travellers, digital nomads and people that want to learn surfing.

South of Floripa

- Rio Tavares/Campeche/Morro Das Pedras ♥️

This is a surfer vibe district. It's quiet and nice and a paradise for the people that want to surf every day. You can find all types of budgets here.

I recommend this district for: Surfers, solo travellers, digital nomads, couples and families.

- Matadeiro/Armaçao ♥️

Matadeiro is my favourite place to surf. This place is gorgeous and the vibe in the water is really good. It’s better to have a car here, because it's a bit far from everything. It's the perfect spot for people that love nature and want a quiet place. If you are looking for something animated, I would recommend Campeche / Rio Tavares.

I recommend this district for: Surfers, solo travellers, digital nomads, couples and families.

Where to find an accommodation inFlorianópolis?

You can use this website :

or these Facebook groups :







You can use Airbnb too, but the price are x3 higher. I advice you to send a message to the owner to see if you can get a deal. I got it x3 times cheaper by doing that for a long stay.

Useful vocabulary to find an accommodation :

Aluguel : Location

Alugo : Rent

Procurar : Looking for

Mobiliado/mobiliada : Furnished

Bairro : District

Quarto : Room

Casa : House

Kitnet : Studio

Agua, Luz e internet : water, electricity & internet

Mensal : monthly

Temporada : for the season

There are more districts in Florianópolis but those are the one that I know the best. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. :)


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