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Brazil - Florianopolis - Praia do Rosa

Surfer in praia do Rosa Brazil
Praia Do Rosa

Brazil has so many amazing places. Each day it's a new discovery.

Slice of paradise ahead. As soon as we arrived in Florianopolis everyone was talking about Praia do Rosa as THE surf spot. But Ibiraquera's real name isn't all about surfing. It also has breathtaking hikes and landscapes.

1h30 by car from Florianopolis, this small village is a good base if you want to know the surroundings. We have done various hikes and we haven't seen everything yet. There is a small town center that looks like Uluwatu. Moreover, many restaurants have Indonesian names.

It is true that the waves of Praia do Rosa are incredible. There are several spots on this beach but the best known are Rosa North and Rosa Sul. I personally have a preference for Rosa Sul. :)

During the winter there is nobody in the city. It gets crowded on weekends and in summer it's packed.

Around Praia Do Rosa you have Garda do Embau which I highly recommend you to visit.

Where to stay :

Pousada Inka: 5 minutes walk from the beach. You can watch the surf spot from your room. The chalets are spacious and you feel good there.

Albergueexplorer: Hostel with an amazing beach view ! The room are incredible and the breakfast is perfect.

How to get there: The best is to hire a car. You can also take BlablaCar or go there by bus.

Best time to go: March, April, May, October, November

What to do on site: Surfing, hiking, Relax (Guarda do Imbau, Ferrugem ...)

Where to eat: You have plenty of options when it comes to restaurants.


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