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Brazil Digital Nomad Guide

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Brazil, its luxuriant nature, its constant good atmosphere, its paradisiacal beaches, its caipirihnia! : D Brazil has always attracted you but you are not sure of your choice, here is a guide which can reinforce your decision. I will give you as much information as possible so you can fully enjoy this beautiful country as a Digital Nomad.

The Digital Nomad community is not very widespread in Brazil, it has both good and bad side. Personally, I prefer it because in Canggu (Indonesia) for example, I had this feeling that everyone was alike and in the end I didn't find it very stimulating. I like being around people who do different things. :)

In this article, I will give you a glimpse on Brazil's situation as a Digital Nomad.


Brazilian culture is rich and fascinating. Art holds an important place in Brazilian culture. Brazil is huge and each state has a different culture and history. You are not going to get bored on this point. Brazilian are proud and happy to share their culture with you so enjoy it. ;)

✈ Visa to Brazil:

You can either opt for the 3-month tourist visa, or a student visa where you can learn Portuguese. I really recommend you CasaLingua, they have online course where you can learn and travel in the same time. I learn so much in a short amount of time.

💸 Cost of living in Brazil:

It is more expensive than I expected. Especially if you decide to move. Because the prices of plane and bus tickets are quite expensive. Sometimes it's more worthy to take the plane than the bus.

🏡 Accommodation:

Count between 150 and 350 € in small towns and out of season. Otherwise it can easily go up to 400-600 € in high season. For example, on Pipa in the Northeast, for the period from June to November I had a chalet (small house with two bedrooms) for 300 euros. In another place in Florianapolis, the rents for the peak season of November / December - March you can find rents around 600 euros. To find accommodation, you can opt for Facebook groups or this site: OLX

🍲 Food:

I would say the prices are like in Europe. Of course it all depends on where you are going to live but I haven't found it to be cheaper in general. After of course when you know the good deals, it's like everywhere you have low prices. You have the self-services where the food is super good and at a great price! € 3 to eat whatever you want or € 2 for a prepared meal. : D In Brazil you have lots of fruits, about 20 fruits that you don't know their existence before! This is heaven for it.


Brazilians know how to party! It’s not expensive when it comes to drink. The caipirihnia for example is a little over 1 €. On the other hand for the restaurants, I would say that they are like the European prices. Unless you go to self-services where prices range from € 2 to € 4 for an unlimited buffet!

💻WiFi connection:

Good! I was surprised by the WiFi connection.You can also use your mobile plan in case of an internet failure. It works very well ! :)


It all depends on the city. In Florianópolis for example you have a good transport system but in summer the traffic is horrible. In Rio, Uber is your friend. And in smaller towns, it's the local bus. The best option is to have your own transportation if you want to move.


There is a free health care system, even if you are a foreigner. You can go to the dentist, gynecologist or others for free. If something happens to you, hospitals are not necessarily great. And just because it's a private clinic doesn't mean it's sometimes better. Remember to take an insurance!


It is pure happiness, the landscapes are magnificent and each region has its species! Hummingbirds, monkeys, butterflies… Every day it's a new discovery. Well you also have the bad surprises like scorpions and snakes but hey that's part of the game. :)


Portuguese / Spanish. Personally, I spoke neither Portuguese nor Spanish and had no problem. I put Spanish because for example in Pipa there were a lot of Argentines.

🌸General atmosphere:

Brazil’s reputation cannot be redone! Brazilians are warm. It is with a good heart that they are ready to help or accompany you. The landscapes are incredible and every day I am surprised by the diversity of the landscapes and their beauty. I'M IN LOVE WITH THIS COUNTRY!

👨‍✈ Safety in Brazil:

First of all, I want to make it clear that nothing has happened to me yet. (I touch wood) I only felt insecure in the big cities. In smaller towns, the atmosphere is much more relaxed. Often, tourism brings the city to life. So it's in their best interests to keep the place safe. You always have to be careful, but for example in Pipa or Itacaré, you see very little the police. Even if this is confusing, it is a pretty good sign. Because in the opposite, in Rio, in Ipanema district for example, the police are always present.

Precautions: Theft, the agencies you go through (mafia). Do not carry valuable things with you. Do not proudly display your phone in certain public places. Well, in a nutshell just behave. ;)


Where to live in Brazil as a Digital Nomad:

If you are a city girl/boy:

- Rio

- Sao Paulo

- Florianópolis

- Natal

- Recife

If you are more nature vibe/surfer vibe:

- Florianopolis

- Pipa

- Jericoacoara

- Itacaré

- Ihla Grande

- Ibiraquera

- Guarda Do Embau

- Chapada Diamantina

Co-working space: In small towns, it is not yet developed or even non-existent. If you are used to co-working, you will need to go for big cities.

In summary

The +:

- Very interesting history / culture

- Good wifi connection

- Attractive price

- Incredible landscapes

- Good security - if you are not in the big cities (except Florianopolis)

- Brazilians are warm and like to share their beautiful culture

- Free health system

- Amazing surf

The - :

- Safety in large cities

- Average quality health system

- Public transport

- Co-workings are not yet democratized

Do not hesitate if you want more information on a particular point

or if you also have more information to give me to complete this article.


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